What is addiction?

Addiction is compulsively engaging in activity to the point that it interferes with your ordinary life responsibilities.

Why am I addicted to watching porn?

If you are reading this, it is most likely because you have tried every way you can to stop watching porn, and have been unsuccessful. The answer to why you are addicted is simple, but very hard to accept because it is contrary to what you have been taught, and contrary to what you want to believe. Before you can be saved from this addiction, you must first understand why you need saving...

What are the signs that I am addicted to watching porn?

  • The inability to permanently stop the activity of viewing porn
  • Feeling a craving or compulsion to watch it
  • Attempts to stop watching produces symptoms of withdrawal or anxiety
  • Feeling of shame, guilt, hopelessness, or feeling like a failure after watching porn

How can I stop my addiction?

So we read in the "I’m a good person" section that not one good thing can come from us. If that’s true, then how in the world are you supposed to stop your addiction to watching porn? The ONLY tried and true way to receive the freedom, peace of mind, healing, and joy you desire so much is this...