Girls Like Porn, Too: A Timely Message for Parents

Article written by Luke Gilkerson of Covenant Eyes It was just another normal day, doing homework after school. While doing research, 13-year-old Jessica Harris was intrigued by a particular video she found online. The thumbnail image was dark and blurry, but it grabbed her attention. After pressing the play button, Jessica found herself watching pornography […]

5 Tips To Help Your Kids Against Porn

Article written by Rebecca Watson on NewsOK If you want to feel overwhelmed, look at statistics involving pornography and young people. Images that used to be considered porn are now displayed on billboards and primetime TV for children to see. Globally, porn is a $97 billion dollar industry accounting to 30% of all Internet data. […]

What Porn Doesn’t Show

Article written on Fight the New Drug Science and research have spoken: porn changes the brain and damages relationships. But as important as it is to raise awareness on the false and degrading nature of pornography, it is also important to recognize what porn doesn’t teach users about sex and relationships. Porn doesn’t show how much we need […]

Children Viewing Porn

Article written by Rob Jackson on Focus on the Family No healthy parent wants to think about his child viewing pornography, but it often happens. Some researchers have stated that the average age of exposure to pornography is down to eight. Before the days of the Internet, children were typically between the ages of eleven […]

A Girl’s Addiction Cost Her

Article on Fight the new Drug, originally written on Mirror UK. Izzy only watched her first adult film as a sexually inexperienced 22-year-old at the suggestion of an older boyfriend she was desperate to impress. She had no idea she would soon become one of a growing number of young women hooked on graphic sex […]

Dark Journey as a Female Porn Addict

Article written by A Fighter from Alaska on Fight the new Drug As a 12-year-old I loved playing video games on the family computer. One day while my parents were at the grocery store, I was trying to find a gaming website, but I ended up clicking on a wrong link. I’m not being dramatic when I […]

Goals and Objectives

Protection – Support – Freedom Protection Bring awareness to young ladies in junior high and high school. Educate the youth and their parents on the deceptions of the sex industry and how to avoid the traps. Offer counseling and support to the young ladies who may be prime targets for sex trafficking. Teach these ladies […]

Talking to Your Daughter About Sex and Porn

Article written by Jessica Harris on Covenant Eyes When it comes to discussing sex and pornography, how soon is too soon? It’s a question many parents ask. They don’t want to overexpose their children or be guilty of stirring up temptation in their children’s lives. At the same time, they don’t want to risk missing […]

Daughters are Groomed For Porn

Article Written by Kristen Clark on Covenant Eyes Whether your daughter is seven years old or seventeen, our culture is grooming her for an appetite for pornography. If you have a daughter or know someone who does, listen up. Millions of well meaning parents have a sincere desire to protect their daughters from pornography. They […]


Resources Internet Accountability Internet Accountability monitors the websites visited, the search terms used, and the YouTube videos watched, and lists them in an easy-to-read Report that is designed to start a conversation about healthy online habits. Parents, see where your kids go online. Adults, reduce Internet temptations and protect the relationships you value most. Covenant […]