116 – Repentance

[Verse 1: Lecrae]
If I die tonight couldn’t be nothing but transparent
Apparently you care for me like a parent
I swear it’s the coldest winter ever upon my shoulders
Days are long; my nights are even longer
The weight so heavy on my back I can’t move
Could somebody help me, where do I turn to?
Since I was a youngin’ I been gunnin’ it all alone
Ain’t asking for help I just carry it on my own
And turnin’ to God was for the weaklins’
I’m lookin’ at life through such a weak lens
I can’t see clear but it ain’t tears in my eyes
It’s sweat pourin’ down from the years I done tried
To be my own savior said I’d never fail
But never had the righteousness it took to save myself
So this is where I turn, confess, believe
That Jesus is the only savior that I’ll ever need
I repent tonight

[Hook: Lecrae]
Yeah, it’s like I always seem to fall
Catch me; can you catch me, can you catch me
Before I’m gone? I’m gone, tryin’ it on my own
I know I can’t do it but still I’m just holdin’ on
And when you see me up yeah I’m really down
And when you see me smile there’s really no one around
So if I let it go promise you catch me now
Ya just catch me now; promise you catch me now

[Verse 2: Trip Lee]
There I go again fallin’
Tryin’ to stand on my own still I’m just crawlin’
Tryin’ be the man I should be that’s my callin’
But no matter how hard I try
I don’t ever really drive, gotta stop
I’m one the verge of bawlin’
Often I’m feelin’ like I’m hopeless
Feelin’ like I failed I’m groanin’
Cause I grit my teeth and I strive each moment
Tryna be strong but daily I’ve blown it
Man, I don’t know what’s gon’ happen
I see some change gotta happen in me
I’m weak and some kinda power’s lackin’ in me
I need grace that’d be sweet; Is there anyone to turn to?
Dear Grace and Peace, do I really gotta earn you?
Can I be forgiven for the time that I burned through
I want to learn and be freed, but I hear I gotta turn and believe


[Verse 3: Andy Mineo]
There I go again; yeah, I blew it
Everything I don’t wanna do I keep doin’
Steadily feelin’ stupid; instead of makin’ excuses
I just need to face the music; I need ya
I lean on my own strength but it’s useless
Cause healing only comes by them stripes and them bruises
I chunk deuces and turn towards you
But sometimes I turn right back to it
Why do I abuse all the grace that you given me?
It’s like I can’t win; man, I still got sin in me
And I struggle just believin’ you forgiven me
Cause if I was you I would’ve been done finished me
But we’re not the same, mentally, thank God
Your grace is amazin’ look where you went for me
On them wooden beams, took responsibility
For sin that you never did to call you a friend to me
Your ways are so high but you bent your knee
I keep fallin’ but you call me to get on my feet
Keep walkin’ just what you started you will complete
I’mma keep repentin’ ’til the day I leave


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